To enable SpamExperts for a domain on DirectAdmin, first sign into the reseller account for the domain and navigate to:

DirectAdmin -> Professional Spam Filter

For each domain you want to include, click 'toggle protection':

020d003afbb633f200262f4bc14ee10a42f87a96c5ac2e5203bf656bcca69971ee3ad298e0f0bd53?t=b098ad960d40f4fe80f471043a5f6bc8Please note if the domain doesn't have an MX record pointing to itself DirectAdmin will not enable SpamExperts for the domain as it views it as remote.

Switching MX Records

If you wish to switch a domain to use SpamExperts MX quickly records you can use the MX template via:

DirectAdmin -> User Level -> Choose Domain -> MX Records -> MX Template


This will automatically set routing and MX records for the domain.