JetBackup is a leading backup solution for cPanel, and it allows you to add additional storage destinations for your backups. This guide will walk you through the process of adding Brixly FTP Storage as a backup destination in JetBackup.

 Important: FTP Storage cannot be integrated with JetBackup running on our shared or reseller environments. This guide is suitable for VPS / Cloud or Dedicated Servers only. 


  1. Log in to your JetBackup dashboard. This is typically accessible from WHM.

  2. Navigate to the 'Destinations' section. Here, you'll see a list of your current backup destinations.

  3. Click on the 'Add New Destination' button. This will open a new page where you can configure your new backup destination.

  4. Select 'FTP' from the 'Destination Type' dropdown menu. This will load the configuration options for an FTP backup destination.

  5. Fill in the configuration options as follows:

    • Destination Name: Enter a name for this backup destination. This can be anything you like, but it's a good idea to use something descriptive, like 'Brixly FTP Storage'.

    • Hostname: Enter your assigned Brixly FTP Storage hostname.

    • Username: Enter your Brixly FTP Storage username.

    • Password: Enter your Brixly FTP Storage password.

    • Port: Enter '21', the standard port for FTP connections.

    • Backup Directory: Enter the directory on your Brixly FTP Storage where you want to store your backups. This can be a directory you've created specifically for JetBackup.

    • Timeout: This is the maximum amount of time JetBackup will wait for a response from your FTP server before giving up. The default value is typically fine.

    • FTP Passive Mode: Enable this option. As mentioned in the previous section, passive mode is more likely to work if you're behind a firewall.

    • FTP SSL: Enable this option to use FTPS, a more secure version of FTP that encrypts your data.

  6. Click on the 'Add Destination' button. JetBackup will now attempt to connect to your Brixly FTP Storage using the details you provided. If everything is configured correctly, you'll see a success message, and your new backup destination will be listed in the 'Destinations' section.


Remember to create a new backup job or edit an existing one to use your new backup destination. You can do this in the 'Jobs' section of the JetBackup dashboard.



If JetBackup is unable to connect to your Brixly FTP Storage, double-check your configuration options, especially your hostname, username, and password. If everything seems correct, try contacting Brixly support for assistance.