SpamExperts will be automatically enabled on all domains within our shared, premium or reseller servers. However, if you are using external nameservers / DNS, then you will need to update your MX records.

Please note, that SpamExperts is an external cluster that works through a dedicated set of MX records. As such, when SpamExperts is enabled on a domain, the MX records will be automatically updated to...

The records are only updated if the domain uses our nameservers (or custom nameservers pointing to our DNS Cluster). If you use external DNS, such as Cloudflare, then the MX records need to be updated to the above. 

Once the MX records have been updated to the above, the emails inbound will be filtered by our SpamExperts cluster automatically, then routed 'downstream' to the server which hosts your accounts. 

Please note: If your domains use external MX records, such as Gmail or Outlook, then you will need to ensure that your cPanel -> Email Routing is set to 'Remote Exchanger'