After installing and configuring Dolibarr, you might see a notification like this regarding the conf.php file:

Warning, your config file (htdocs/conf/conf.php) can be overwritten by the web server. This is a serious security hole. Modify permissions on file to be in read only mode for operating system user used by Web server.


To get rid of this message, you must alter the conf.php file permissions. The file is probably 0644 (meaning the owner can write to it). You want to set it to 0444 (meaning no one can write to it). You can change the file permission via your File Manager in your control panel (DirectAdmin, cPanel etc). You can also use the chmod utility if you have command-line access:

 chmod 0444 conf.php (the confi file exists under the domain document root)

With this change, the Dolibarr warning message should be gone.