First of all, a  huge shout-out to all of you who are looking to start selling services through our new module, Brixly Elite

As you know, your Reseller Hosting account allows you to sell hosting accounts to your clients. As every great host knows, you can't stop there!

We for many years have offered you the ability to sell domains through our domain reseller module, however, we have again gone a step further by introducing our new module for WHMCS called Brixly Elite.

Traditionally, selling additional products such as VPS servers or reseller hosting would require complex and expensive infrastructure - the goal behind the introduction of our Elite module is to allow you to start selling those services without any upfront costs or ongoing overheads/risks (you got that right, no costs - just another perk of being a Brixly Reseller!)

Best of all, you get access to exclusive wholesale pricing and discounts on our entire range of services for the purpose of resale, with the ability to set your own pricing margins!

The Brixly Elite is essentially a plugin available for WHMCS, which allows you to sell our entire range of services in just a few clicks!

This means you can start selling:

  • VPS / Cloud Servers
  • Reseller Hosting Plans
  • Premium Hosting Plans
  • Dedicated Servers (Coming Soon!
  • Workspace Email with NextCloud

The module is super easy to install, and whilst it's in beta currently, it's being used by thousands of resellers here so far and would love for you to get on board also!

Start expanding your hosting business today! To get started, feel free to familiarise yourself with the documentation below. 

Requesting Access

The 'Elite' module allows you to start selling our products on auto-pilot via your WHMCS, which are sold at a discounted rate. However, this functionality at the moment is provided on request. 

As such, pop us a ticket when you wish to get started, and we will activate your access to the Elite module / API! 

Download the Brixly Elite module

The Elite functionality works by downloading a module from our client area, which can be uploaded to your WHMCS installation. To get started, download the module from our client area.

We have a step-by-step guide on how to do this below...

Obtaining your API Key for Brixly Elite


Upload the Brixly Elite module

The next step is to upload the file you have downloaded to the root of your WHMCS installation, for example, if it was installed at you would log into your account, go to the file manager and upload it to /home/user/public_html. Once uploaded, extract the file using the ‘Extract’ option...

Creating a Server and Server Group for the Elite Module


Once you have created the 'Server' using the steps above, you will need to create a 'Server Group'...


Save the changes, and this part of the setup is complete.

IMPORTANT: The above steps are only required once for your WHMCS installation and are not required steps for each item being resold through the Elite Module. 


Setting up your first 'Elite' product

That's the preliminary steps complete! All we need to do now is create the products you wish to sell within WHMCS. 

List all products you wish to sell on your WHMCS

In short, the process is identical to the last step! Simply go through the products you wish to sell, listing them one by one! 

Please note, that the first steps are pre-requisites to the functionality, and will only need to be done once for each WHMCS installation. 

The order process explained

Once a client raises an order through your own WHMCS installation, the service will be purchased directly with us and the appropriate cost will be taken from your credit balance.

Please ensure that you have credit in your account if you wish to use our new module.

That’s it, all complete and ready to allow your clients to purchase our products directly from you, allowing you to profit from our products.