MailChannels is an SMTP relay service that Brixly uses to ensure reliable email delivery for its users. It identifies spammers within your network, improves your email reputation, and eliminates email delivery problems caused by IP address blacklisting. Unlike conventional email delivery services, MailChannels accepts 100% of your email, including spam, and uses sophisticated algorithms to manage and monitor your email traffic.

Understanding MailChannels

MailChannels is designed to alleviate the cost and complexity of managing IP blacklisting and outbound spam. It works somewhat like a credit score, creating a reputation to determine the potential risk posed by an individual sender within a network. The sender could be an email user, an application like WordPress or Joomla, or a contact form.

Compromised Account Detection

Spammers often exploit vulnerabilities in web applications and servers, and compromise end-user accounts through phishing attacks and malware. While it’s beneficial to keep software up to date and follow best practices for maintaining site security, outbound email processing and filtering is necessary to stay ahead of the spammers.

MailChannels uses advanced techniques to identify resources that have been compromised by spammers. It uses digital signature technology, checks the content of each email message against a real-time updated database of known spam signatures, tracks dozens of minute-by-minute statistics about each email sender, consults external databases such as domain and IP reputation services, and analyzes responses from email receivers.

Notifications and Multi-Password Support

When MailChannels identifies a spammer within your network, it sends you a notification so that you can proactively remove the spammer. Notifications are sent either via human-readable email, or using a web hook, which enables you to shut down compromised accounts in seconds.

MailChannels also lets you create multiple passwords for SMTP authentication with the service. You can use a different password with each of your servers, and retire old passwords with a single click if you need to shut down access because of a compromise or breach.

Email Management Features

MailChannels provides a range of features to help manage your email. These include Log Search, which logs every email delivery attempt made by your users, and Insights, which provides easy-to-understand non-delivery reports (NDRs) when email is rejected, helping users resolve their own delivery challenges.

By understanding and effectively using MailChannels, you can ensure reliable email delivery, improve your email security, and reduce the likelihood of your messages being incorrectly marked as spam.