Solo Cloud1£9.95
Admin Cloud5£14.95
Pro Cloud30£24.95
Plus Cloud50£29.95
Premier Cloud100£39.95
Premier Cloud 150150£49.95
Premier Cloud 200200£59.95
Premier Cloud 250250£69.95
Premier Cloud 300300£79.95
Premier Cloud 350350£89.95
Premier Cloud 400400£99.95
Premier Cloud 450450£109.95
Premier Cloud 500500£119.95

  • All fixed plans above 100 accounts will be scaled in increments of 50 Accounts, adding £10/month in incremental licensing cost per block of 50 Accounts. This equates to £0.20 per account. 
  • When a licensed server reaches the account limit of any fixed plan, an upgrade is required in order to add more accounts to that server. Upgrading between two fixed plans will require payment of the difference in price between the two fixed plans. For example, upgrading from cPanel Admin (£14.95/month) to cPanel Pro (£24.95/month) will cost £10 to upgrade. Please note we are unable to prorate upgrades that occur in the middle of your monthly billing cycle