Our shared and reseller hosting plans follow typical PCI (Payment Card Industry) guidelines. However, because these plans involve sharing resources with other users on the same server, we can't provide dedicated PCI support or make server adjustments for specific PCI compliance needs.

Due to the considerable time and resources needed to address and investigate each compliance point, we don't include PCI compliance support in our standard package for shared and reseller hosting accounts. It's not practical for our support team to offer extensive PCI compliance support for every client using these shared plans.


Instead, we offer enhanced PCI compliance support for our Premium Hosting clients who enjoy a more exclusive hosting environment with fewer clients per server. This allows us to allocate the necessary resources to address PCI compliance concerns and provide appropriate guidance to Premium Hosting clients.


Our Premium Hosting plans cater to clients seeking advanced PCI compliance support while operating within a shared environment. These plans offer increased resources and less competition for resources, resulting in fewer clients per server and more focused PCI compliance support.


On Premium Hosting plans, our PCI compliance support includes clarification and assistance with PCI compliance reports. We collaborate with clients to help them comprehend the reports and tackle any issues that may arise. However, even on Premium Hosting plans, there might be cases where recommended changes to core server functionality can't be implemented due to potential risks to stability and security.


When suggested changes to core functionality aren't feasible, our support team will explain why certain recommendations may be considered false positives. This helps clients better understand the PCI compliance report context and achieve compliance without jeopardizing the hosting environment's stability and security.

If you can't implement necessary PCI compliance changes on our Premium Hosting plans, consider a Cloud Server. With a Cloud Server, you'll have full root access, enabling you to make customized adjustments based on your specific compliance requirements.

By adding our management plan to your Cloud Server, we'll support and assist you in making the required changes to secure your server environment. This allows you to achieve and maintain PCI compliance while enjoying the flexibility and control of dedicated infrastructure. Our team of experts will guide you through the process, ensuring your server environment meets the necessary PCI compliance standards.

We have provided some examples of issues which cannot be modified on our Premium Reseller hosting...

  1. Custom server configurations: Modifying server-wide configurations, such as PHP settings or web server settings, could cause issues for other users who depend on the default configurations for their websites and applications.

  2. Installing server-wide software: Adding new software or extensions that affect the entire server can create compatibility issues or conflicts with other users' applications.

  3. Adjusting resource allocation: Increasing resource limits, such as memory or CPU usage, for one user could lead to resource shortages for others, resulting in degraded performance or even downtime.

  4. Altering security settings: Changing global security settings, such as firewall rules or access controls, could inadvertently expose other users' data or create vulnerabilities.

  5. Modifying shared libraries and components: Updating or customizing shared libraries and components used by multiple users can cause compatibility issues or break existing functionality for other clients.

  6. Custom database configurations: Changing global database settings, such as storage engines or buffer sizes, can impact other users relying on default settings for their databases.

These restrictions exist to maintain the shared hosting environment's stability, security, and performance for all users. For clients requiring more customization and control, upgrading to a Cloud Server or other dedicated hosting solution is recommended.