Brixly FTP Storage provides a safe and convenient way to store your data in external data centers. With our FTP Storage, you can access your files anytime and from any place with an internet connection. It is also easy to connect FTP Storage to your drive on your PC and to access it with your smartphone and/or tablet. Brixly FTP Storage works with various standard protocols, which many apps support.


We have different options for FTP Storage, so you can choose the one that is best for your specific needs. And you can always upgrade or downgrade your FTP Storage.



You can order FTP Storage through our client area or our website.

Please note that orders for FTP storage can take up to 24 hours to be provisioned



Your files on FTP Storage are safeguarded with a RAID configuration which can withstand several drive failures, reducing the chance of data loss. However, as the customer and administrator, you are responsible for your data; there is no guarantee from Brixly about potential data loss. The data is not mirrored onto other servers.


In addition, checksums for the individual data blocks are used to detect and correct bit errors.


General Information

The speed at which your data can be transferred to your FTP Storage depends on how many other customers attempt to access the same server simultaneously. If the transfer takes too long, it is best to try to do the upload at another time of day.


It is very important to use the DNS name instead of the IP address for your FTP Storage because the IP address can change. With the DNS address, you can access your FTP Storage via IPv4 and IPv6.


It is not possible to create the directories /etc and /lib on FTP Storage.


There is a 10-connection limit on each FTP Storage account.


Important Reminders

  • The executable right is required for the home directory. If you remove the executable right, you can no longer log in.
  • FTP and SAMBA connections may be unencrypted in some circumstances. Some Windows versions and FTP clients, however, use encryption by default.
  • Using CNAME records for the assigned DNS name does not work with WebDAV.
  • Before using any of the services listed below, please check your account to see whether or not the setting is activated.
  • The password for your FTP storage and the endpoint would be sent in your welcome email.


Upgrades and Downgrades

You can upgrade or downgrade to another FTP Storage at any time without data loss. The access data remains the same. You can only downgrade to a smaller FTP Storage if you are using less space than what is available in the smaller FTP Storage.