Sometimes, WHM packages may not appear or function as expected. This issue often occurs when the resource limitations set for these packages exceed the available resources in your Entry Plan. In essence, if you allocate more resources to a package than your plan allows, WHM will not be able to create the package, resulting in it being unavailable for use.

This typically applies to the storage quota, or bandwidth values of your packages being set higher than what is permitted for use within your plan. 


As an Entry Plan user, you have access to a total of 50GB of storage. Therefore, the resource limits for your WHM packages must be set to values within this limit. If you exceed this limit, the packages will not be created.

Here's a detailed guide on how to adjust these settings:

  1. Log into your WHM account: Start by accessing your WHM account. You can do this by entering your domain followed by /whm in your browser's address bar.

  2. Navigate to 'Edit a Package': Once you're logged in, look for the 'Edit a Package' option in the left-hand menu. Click on it to proceed.

  3. Select the package you want to edit: You'll see a list of all your created packages. Click on the one you wish to edit.

  4. Set the 'Disk Quota (MB)' to a value less than 50,000 (equivalent to 50GB): In the package settings, you'll find an option labeled 'Disk Quota (MB)'. This is where you set the amount of storage allocated to the package. Make sure to set this to a value less than 50,000 to ensure it's within your plan's limit.

  5. Set the 'Monthly Bandwidth (MB)' to a suitable value based on your needs: Similarly, you'll also see an option for 'Monthly Bandwidth (MB)'. This is the amount of data transfer allowed for the package. Set this to a value that suits your needs, but remember that it also counts towards your plan's resource usage.

Please note, due to a limitation of WHM, you'll also need to set a limit to Bandwidth; it can be as little or big as you desire!


Setting the correct resource limitations according to your plan's limits will allow you to use the packages correctly, whether you're provisioning accounts automatically through WHMCS or assigning packages directly in WHM. After making these changes, the packages should now appear and be available for use.