When signing up for a reseller hosting plan, you are able to select a 'Location' or Country. The selected location is where your reseller hosting plan would be located, and therefore any accounts created within it would also be located in that location. 

However, there are certain scenarios where you may wish to sell hosting in a number of locations (similar to ourselves!), and doing so is simple!

In short, you would essentially need to host a reseller hosting plan in each region you wish to sell. Then, when selling to those clients, you can create the hosting account within whichever reseller service is most suitable for their needs (typically, the service located closest to them or their clients). 

Do I receive a discount on the secondary locations?

Yes, you do! We provide all of our resellers' exclusive access to reseller discounts, including a flat-rate discount off each 'secondary' reseller product! Please do note though, that the discount is only applicable to any 'secondary' plans, as opposed to the primary (or 'first') reseller hosting plan. 

You can see the exclusive discounts available from within our client area, by going to Reseller Area -> Exclusive Discounts

What if I am using WHMCS?

You can add each reseller hosting service as a separate server within WHMCS, allowing you to then sell to any of those servers (and therefore, any location you have active). 

In addition, you can create a separate 'Product' within WHMCS, such as 'Starter Plan - UK', 'Starter Plan - USA' (as an example). Each product would have the correct server allocated to it. This can be very easily achieved using 'Server Groups' in WHMCS.

Do I require multiple WHMCS licences?

No, you don't! You can use a single WHMCS installation and licence, and simply add multiple 'Servers' through their interface. 

What if I wanted to sell multiple 'Control Panels', such as cPanel and DirectAdmin?

You can essentially do the exact same thing! You can have an active reseller service for each, then create a separate Product within WHMCS associated with a separate server.