Here is a quick video showing you how easy it is to create a clone of the domain name in just 5 minutes…


  • Insert element Select element Drag and drop element Text, Picture, Gallery, Youtube, Maps, Shape, Line, Menu, Languages
  • Edit element Select element Double click on element Select element Right click Properties Select element Click on
  • Remove element Select element Delete (keyboard) Select element Right click Remove Select element Click on Remove
  • Lock/ Order element Select element Right click Lock/ Order Select element Click on Lock/ Order

  • Change builder language Select Languages Choose language
  • Manage page properties Select Settings SEO(Google Analytics)/ Background/ Styles/ Favicon/ Width
  • Change menu item Select Navigation Choose menu item Click on menu item

  • Save website Click Publish Save draft/ Publish/ Backup/Restore
  • Change menu item Click New/Reset Change menu item Select template