All outbound emails are sent through a premium relay service, included free of charge with every account. This ensures that all messages are delivered, irrespective of any potential 'blacklist' issues with the IP addresses on your hosting account.

Our hourly sending limits vary by service and have been outlined below...

cPanel Reseller Hosting150 (Per Domain /h)
DirectAdmin Reseller Hosting150 (Per Domain /h)
Infinity Hosting150 (Per Domain /h)
Infinity+ Hosting150 (Per Domain /h)
Brixly Workspace250 (Per Domain /h)
Premium Hosting - Pro150 (Per Domain /h)
Premium Hosting - Business250 (Per Domain /h)
Premium Hosting - Enterprise350 (Per Domain /h)
Premium Hosting - Platinum500 (Per Domain /h)
Premium Reseller250 (Per Domain /h)

Additional Notes:

  • We strictly do not permit the use of our mail facilities for email marketing - please consider using a 3rd party SMTP relay
  • we do not impose 'daily' sending limits on any of our services. 
  • there is an 'overage' buffer of 25%, which will queue messages above the set hourly thresholds.
  • The shared hosting/email facilities are not suitable for marketing campaigns. Instead, it is recommended that you use an Email Marketing solution such as SendGrid or MailChimp. 
  • Messages sent above the thresholds provided will result in outbound email attempts being 'rejected' / blocked
  • Emails relayed through PHP scripts or mailman mailing lists will be included in the overall relay quota
  • If an account is sending email to 250 or more recipients in a one hour period, notification will be sent via email and a block may be placed against the account
  • If an account sends more than 500 emails in a 24 hour period, notification will be sent via email and a block may be imposed against the account
  • Brixly does not support 'email archiving', and we also impose limits on mailbox storage via our Fair Usage Policies (please review our terms in full)