As part of our ongoing effort to provide you with the latest in web hosting, here we’ll break down the differences and similarities between and Cloudflare, two leading solutions integrated with LiteSpeed.


  • LiteSpeed Integration: Both Cloudflare and enhance the capabilities of a LiteSpeed-powered website. However, their core functionalities and features vary in certain aspects.

Using and Cloudflare Together

  • Feasibility: It's technically possible to run both simultaneously. handles dynamic HTML pages while Cloudflare can manage static content.
  • Recommendation: Although possible, it's advisable to keep the architecture simple to minimize potential backend complications. Choose one solution based on your specific needs.

Caching Capabilities


    • Caches both static files and dynamic HTML pages.
    • Syncs with the LiteSpeed extension on your backend to determine updated pages and selectively purges them from the cache.
  • Cloudflare:

    • Primarily caches static files by default.
    • Introduced the “APO” feature as a counter to’s dynamic caching capabilities. Note: APO comes with a cost for free-tier users.

Integration and Features


    • Offers deeper integration with sites and boasts of a broader feature set than Cloudflare’s APO.
    • Facilitates auto-generation of critical CSS for specific pages at no additional cost.
    • Plans to introduce a "pre-warm" feature, ensuring rapid loading speeds even for first-time site visitors.
  • Cloudflare:

    • While offering robust features, its APO doesn’t support functionalities like updating critical CSS.
    • Has been a major player in the market for years, known for its reliability and expansive CDN.

Pricing and Plans

    • Offers a significant free tier, especially beneficial for LiteSpeed server users.
  • Cloudflare:
    • Although having a free tier, certain advanced features like APO come at an additional cost.

In Conclusion

The competition between and Cloudflare is heating up, with both presenting their unique strengths. Depending on your site's requirements, either could be an optimal choice. Brixly aims to keep you informed, ensuring you make the best decisions for your web hosting needs. Stay tuned to our knowledgebase for more insights and updates.