The Brixly affiliate program pays you for every conversion recurring, meaning you will always get paid as long as the referred service is still active. As a business, we also hold one of the highest retention rates in the industry – this means more commission, for longer periods of time. Some of our affiliate partners have referred thousands of clients to us, and get paid each and every month!

How do I get Started with Brixly?

As a Brixly Affiliate, you can earn 10% on recurring revenue by referring clients to our services. All that's required is a link, which you can share or advertise to your clients, friends and colleagues! Each time they sign up and purchase a product or service from us, you will automatically receive 10% of the revenue of the sale, including the renewals!

To get started and become a Brixly affiliate, you need an account set up with us. After signing up, you can get started right away. Active clients can follow the same process to join our affiliate program. You can access our affiliate program by clicking on the ‘affiliates’ link in the client area navigation menu (to your left).
You can access your affiliate link by going to the following...

Client Area ( -> Affiliate

bf2acf4fd8b0d77b71450ff71e11c8d150998421459d70f40fe621a4da0970bb94c11e3f1e63a53e?t=204ee5608e3399a82977f5726367e554After clicking on affiliates you will see your dashboard. On the dashboard, you can see your referrals, total clicks, signups, conversion and available commission balance. The interface will allow you to track the referrals generated via our affiliate links.


Where is my Referral link?

Your affiliate link can be found on your Affiliate dashboard, shown below.


Brixly gives all Affiliates £10 free credit, as a goodwill gesture to start with, you cannot withdraw the amount until you reach the minimum threshold of £25 for withdrawals.

You can withdraw your affiliate balance to either credit (to be used for additional purchases), PayPal or as a bank transfer. To withdraw your hard-earned funds, you need to submit a withdrawal request or contact our sales team –


The balance can be withdrawn when the affiliate balance exceeds £25.

Advertising tools

We plan to make things easier for all our users. We offer all our Affiliates ready-to-promote banners, there is a wide range, of different designs and sizes you can pick from.


Different Types of Advertising Banners

We plan to make things easier for all our users. We offer all our Affiliates ready-to-promote banners, there is a wide range, of different designs and sizes you can pick from.

You can find the banners in the 'Link to us' section under the 'Affiliates Dashboard'.


Still not sure?

Joining our Affiliate Program is a win-win for all because it is relatively low risk, and your earning potential is limitless!

Become a Brixly Affiliate – Client Area ( -> Affiliate

In just a few minutes, you’ll have a unique tracking code. Then you can look through our wide selection of banners and ads to find the ones that complement your website. There’s no limit to how much you can earn once you put those banners and ads on your site. And our affiliate support team are always here to give personalised tips and advice.