In our commitment to provide efficient and reliable backup services, it's important to clarify certain types of files and directories that are automatically excluded from backups. This guide aims to explain these exclusions to help you understand our backup process better.

Why Exclude Certain Files?

Excluding specific file types and directories is necessary for several reasons:

  1. Efficiency: Some files, like temporary or cache files, change frequently and do not hold critical data, making them inefficient to back up regularly.
  2. Size Constraints: Large files such as multimedia content can consume significant storage space, impacting the backup process's efficiency and speed.
  3. Security: Certain file types, like executable files, can pose security risks and are therefore excluded.

Excluded File Types and Directories

Below is a comprehensive list of the file types and directories that are excluded from our backups:

File Types

  1. Compressed Files and Archives: *.zip, *.rar, *.tar.gz, *.gz, *.7z, *.tar, *.iso
  2. Backup Files: *.bkup, *.jpa, *.sql, *.wpress, *.xen, *.aes, *.VOB, *.h264, *_backup, */backup-*.tar.gz, */backup*.gz, */backup*.zip
  3. Multimedia Files: *.mp4, *.mp3, *.avi, *.mpeg, *.mkv, *.divx
  4. Executable Files: *.exe
  5. Log Files: *.log, *.php_error_log, */error_log
  6. Other Specific Types: *.zi, *.pbo, .MirrorSearch

Directories and Patterns

  1. Cache and Temporary Files: lscache/*, cache/*, public_html/cache/*, tmp/*, */cache/smarty/*, */var/cache/*, */var/tmp/*, */wp-content/cache/*, */wptsc-cachedir/*
  2. Backup Directories: */duplicati, */cpmove-*.tar.gz, */site-*.tar.gz, */backup_*, */wpbackitup_backups/*, */com_akeeba/backup/*, */backupbuddy_backups/*, softaculous_backups/*
  3. Web Optimization: */autoptimize/*
  4. System and Control Panel Files: .cagefs, .cagefs*, .cpan, .cpanel/caches, .cpanel/datastore, .cpcpan, .sqmailattach, .cpanel/*.sock
  5. Logs and Reports: */var/log/*, */var/report/*
  6. Email Folders: mail/*/*/.Trash/*, mail/*/*/.Drafts/*
  7. Other Specific Directories: public_ftp/*, access-logs/*, */wp-content/uploads/wpcf7_captcha/*, */wp-content/widget-cache/*, */var/amasty_fpc/*, */var/backups/*, */var/debug/*, */var/export/*, */var/import/*, */var/session/*, */core.[0-9]*, .wysiwygPro_*, */updraft/*


Understanding what is excluded from backups is crucial for managing your data effectively. If you have files or directories that fall into these categories but are essential for backup, please consider alternative backup solutions or adjust their formats and locations accordingly.

Irrespective, all backups are taken as a courtesy addition to your service. Ultimately, you are responsible for your backups and data integrity; backup consistency or availability cannot be guaranteed. 

Please note that any account which takes longer than 1 hour to backup, will be automatically excluded from the backup process. This will typically be the case when there are a large number of inodes, or the account size is large. 

Our backup service is a courtesy addition to the service, and backups are best effort, however accounts which exceed this limit will be excluded automatically. Its always advisable that you maintain your own backups off-site in all cases.