Autoresponders are a valuable tool for any business, saving you time by automatically sending a reply to any email sent to a specific address. They're ideal for acknowledging customer inquiries or letting people know you're unavailable. Here's how you can set up an autoresponder in cPanel.


Creating an Autoresponder

  1. Log into cPanel: Access your cPanel account.

  2. Navigate to Autoresponders: Under the "Email" header, click the "Autoresponders" option.

  3. Add Autoresponder: Click on "Add Autoresponder".

  4. Configure Your Autoresponder: Fill in the necessary fields, including the email address for the autoresponder, the message you want to send, and the interval between responses. You can also set a specific start and stop time for the autoresponder.

Autoresponder Configuration Options

  • Character Set: This is usually set to utf-8. It's recommended to leave this as default.

  • Interval: This controls the number of hours to wait between responses to the same email address. To avoid flooding inboxes with automatic replies, it's suggested to set this to "1" to wait one hour between automatic replies.

  • Email: This is the email address you are setting up the autoresponder for.

  • Domain: This option lets you decide the domain the autoresponder will be used for.

  • From: This will let you choose the "From" address your reply will be sent from. It's generally suggested to match this to the same email address you have entered in the "Email" option.

  • Subject: This is where you select the subject line of the reply.

  • HTML: Select this option if you want to include HTML in the body of your email.

  • Body: Your autoresponder message will go here.

  • Start: This decides when your autoresponder begins replying. This can either be immediate or set to a specific date/time.

  • Stop: This decides when your autoresponder stops replying. This can either be "Never" or a custom date/time.

Using Tags in Your Autoresponder

cPanel's autoresponder includes several custom tags that you can include in the body of your reply:

  • %subject%: The subject of the message sent to the autoresponder.
  • %from%: The name of the sender of the initial email received by the autoresponder if available.
  • %email%: The incoming email sender's address.