Brixly Workspace is a robust email hosting service, designed to offer an ideal alternative to the traditional 'per user' or 'per mailbox' charging models typically associated with most email hosting providers. Instead, we charge per domain.

Our plans are tiered, depending on how much overall storage and how many email users (email addresses) are required. 

More Than Just Email Hosting

Brixly Workspace is more than just an email hosting solution. It's a comprehensive 'business collaboration suite' with many additional benefits compared to a standard 'mail hosting' solution. 

These include:

  • NextCloud / Shared Storage: Similar to Google Drive, this feature allows you to store and share files securely.
  • Shared Calendars: This feature, similar to that offered via Exchange, allows you to share calendars with your team for better scheduling and time management.
  • Email Signatures: Personalize your emails with custom email signatures.
  • Centralised / Clustered Login Interface: Access your email from any device with our intuitive webmail client.
  • Large-File Sending / Sharing: Send and share large files with ease.
  • Canned Responses: Save time by using pre-written responses to common inquiries.
  • Email Follow-Ups: Never forget to follow up on an important email with this feature.
  • Delayed Sending: Schedule your emails to be sent at a later time.
  • Machine-Learning SPAM Filters / Inbox: Our advanced SPAM filters learn from your behavior to better filter out unwanted emails.
  • Email Import / Migration Capability: Easily move your emails from another provider with our import/migration tool.
  • AutoResponders: Set automatic responses to incoming emails.
  • Re-Branding / Tailored Themes: Customize the look of your Workspace to match your brand.
  • Malware and Anti-Virus Included: Keep your email safe from threats with our built-in malware and antivirus protection.
  • Screen Sharing Functionality: Share your screen during video chats for better collaboration.
  • Team Folders for Files: Organize your files with team folders.
  • Contact Management: Keep track of your contacts with our contact management feature.
  • Multi-Account Management: Manage multiple email accounts from a single interface.
  • Multi-Language UI / Capabilities: Use Workspace in your preferred language.

CrossBox Premium

We achieve this by providing access to the 'CrossBox Premium' service, which is a webmail client with full and centralized integration with NextCloud and the above additional services. CrossBox is designed for those who settle only for the best. It's beautiful, dazzlingly fast, and comes with advanced features that provide you and your team with cutting-edge communication technologies.