In the realm of web hosting, maintaining server efficiency and security is paramount. As part of our commitment to providing top-notch services, we implement an internal auditing and cleanup process to manage disk space and ensure the smooth operation of our servers. This article outlines the types of files automatically removed during this process and explains our fair usage policies.

Types of Files Automatically Removed

  1. DirectAdmin and cPanel Backups: We remove backups stored in /home/*/user_backups/* and various cPanel backup files like /home/*/backup-*, /home/*/cpmove-*, and similar patterns in other directories.

  2. Temporary Files and Logs: Temporary files such as those in /home/*/tmp/Cpanel_* and old log files, especially compressed ones (.gz), found in /var/log and other log directories are deleted.

  3. Large Files in Root Directory: Files larger than 1GB, particularly those named cpmove*, located in /root are removed.

  4. Old and Unused Files in Various Directories: This includes cleaning out /usr/local/src/*, /home/*/.trash/*, and backups and caches in directories like /home/*/backupbuddy_backups/*, /home/*/com_akeeba/backup/*, and several others.

  5. Specific File Types Across Home Directories: Files with extensions like .rar, .iso, .xen, .7z, .tar, .mkv, .avi, .pbo, .VOB, and large .zip files are targeted for removal. This also includes various log files and backups named in specific patterns.

  6. Junk Mail Cleanup: Emails in folders like .Trash, .Junk, .Spam, etc., older than 30 days are deleted from user mail directories.

Fair Usage Policy and Rights to Remove Files

While the above list covers the majority of files removed during our cleanup process, it's important to note that this list is not exhaustive. Under our fair usage policies, we reserve the right to remove files that may not be explicitly mentioned in this list but are deemed necessary to ensure the optimal performance and security of our hosting services. This could include files that are unusually large, redundant, or pose a security risk.


Our internal auditing and cleanup process is a crucial aspect of our hosting service, designed to maintain server health and efficiency. While we strive to be transparent about the types of files we remove, our fair usage policies also play a vital role in guiding these decisions. As a user, understanding these practices helps in managing your hosted content more effectively and ensures a smoother hosting experience.