When working with Node.js applications on your Brixly hosting account, you may encounter the 'npm: command not found' error. This typically indicates that the npm (Node Package Manager) is not in the system's PATH, or the correct version of Node.js is not being used. This article will guide you through resolving this error and running npm successfully.

Step 1: Verify Node.js Version Before proceeding, ensure that you have selected the correct version of Node.js for your application in the NodeJS interface of cPanel or DirectAdmin. The version of npm you use should match the version of Node.js set up for your application.

Step 2: Using the Full Path to npm To run npm commands without encountering the 'command not found' error, you should specify the full path to the npm executable. The typical path for npm on Brixly hosting is as follows:


Please note that "alt-nodejs18" in the path refers to Node.js version 18. If your application uses a different version, you will need to adjust the path accordingly. For example, if you are using Node.js version 12, the path would be:


Step 3: Running npm Commands With the full path specified, you can run any npm command as follows:

/opt/alt/alt-nodejs18/root/bin/npm [command]

Replace "[command]" with the npm command you wish to execute, such as "install" to install packages or "update" to update them.

Conclusion: By using the full path to the npm executable, you can avoid the 'npm: command not found' error and manage your Node.js application's packages effectively. Remember to use the version of npm that corresponds with the Node.js version set in your hosting account's NodeJS interface.