The number of sites you can add to an individual cPanel account is in most cases not limited by us, which means you have the freedom to host as many websites as you desire under a single cPanel account. However, it's important to consider the resource allocation for the account to ensure optimal performance. Each cPanel account on our Infinity or Infinity+ plans comes with substantial resources, including 2 CPU cores and 2GB RAM.

Should you find that your websites require additional resources beyond what is available on the Infinity or Infinity+ plans, you have a couple of options. You can upgrade to one of our Premium Hosting plans, which are designed to accommodate sites with higher resource needs. Alternatively, if you are managing a reseller plan and need more resources for a specific account, you can take advantage of our 'Resource Boost+' option. This feature allows you to double the CPU and memory limits for any individual account at an additional monthly cost.

For resellers who are managing multiple domains, there is also the flexibility to distribute domains across multiple cPanel accounts. This can help manage resource usage more effectively and ensure that each site has access to the resources it needs.

In summary, while there is no set limit to the number of sites you can host on an individual cPanel account, the actual number of sites that can be hosted effectively will depend on their resource usage. Our 'Resource Boost+' option and the ability to upgrade to a Premium Hosting plan provide scalable solutions to support the growth of your websites. Additionally, resellers have the option to split domains into multiple cPanel accounts to optimize resource distribution.

How Websites Use Resources, such as RAM and CPU

When hosting websites, understanding how resources like RAM (Random Access Memory) and CPU (Central Processing Unit) are utilized is crucial for maintaining optimal performance and stability. Each website hosted on a server consumes a portion of these resources to function.

RAM Usage in Websites: 

RAM is used by websites to store data temporarily that is frequently accessed by the server's CPU. This can include content from your databases, session information, and the files that make up your website. When a visitor accesses your site, the server retrieves data from the RAM to quickly display your pages. The more visitors your site has at any given time, or the more complex your site is (such as an e-commerce site with a large inventory), the more RAM it will require.

CPU Usage in Websites:

The CPU performs the calculations and executes the commands needed to run the website's scripts and applications. Every time a page is loaded or a script is executed, the CPU is at work. Sites with heavy traffic or complex computational tasks (like dynamic content generation or data processing) will use more CPU power.

Resource Limits and Website Performance:

Each hosting account has allocated limits for RAM and CPU usage to ensure that all users on a shared server have fair access to the server's resources. For example, an Infinity+ account comes with 2 CPU cores and 2GB RAM. If a website uses 50% of its CPU limit, it's effectively using one full CPU core. Similarly, if it's using 50% of its RAM allocation, it's using 1GB of RAM.

Examples of Resource Usage Impact:

Consider a scenario where you have multiple websites under one hosting account. If one of your sites experiences a surge in traffic, it may start to consume more CPU and RAM. If the site's resource usage grows to the point where it's using the majority of the account's allocated resources, it could impact the performance of your other sites on the same account. They may load more slowly or, in extreme cases, become unresponsive.

To prevent this, it's important to monitor your resource usage regularly. You can do this through the 'CPU and Concurrent Connection' screen in cPanel. If you consistently hit your resource limits, it may be time to consider upgrading your plan or adding a 'Resource Boost' to your account, which can double the available CPU and RAM for an individual account, ensuring that all your sites continue to perform well. Note, however, that the option to Boost+ an account is only available for our Reseller Hosting plans, whereas any standard hosting plan such as our Infinity, or Infinity+ plans would require an upgrade to one of our Premium Hosting plans. 

By understanding and managing your resource usage, you can ensure that your websites remain fast, reliable, and capable of growing alongside your business.