When using WordPress Multisites with Subdomains, you need to ensure the subdomain is added to cPanel/DirectAdmin to be used.


You can do this on cPanel via:

cPanel -> Domains -> Create a new domain 

Here you will enter the name for the subdomain and also the document root; this should share the same Document root as the WordPress Multisite:


This will usually be the public_html directory, but if your WordPress Multisite is based on an addon domain will be located on a different path.

If you've already created the subdomain and need to update the document root from the Domains screen, instead click manage next to the subdomain:

b3c5bb00f7b8edbbd20abe7ba4dc9c20a99abda54e90165d3c3a0ce0b59b4cf2b18005ecf42dee27?t=81712bc689d015c583837c7802650d63From here, set a new document root and hit update:


On DirectAdmin the process is similar, add a subdomain via:  

DirectAdmin (User Level) -> Subdomain Management -> Add Subdomain

b28cb2012f6a1134ba878b1f0c5f9b7135d98b30b39a3103fcf78d8ea013945697cdb1d9f757dd87?t=4587b4cee5b8ee3f361edc49a6859e06On DirectAdmin, we need to set the Document Root after creating the subdomain, by default DirectAdmin will set this to be:

As such once the subdomain is created click the pencil button next to Docroot:

Then set the public_html and private_html to custom and to use the same Document root as the WordPress Multisite:

Hit save and wait a few minutes as DirectAdmin build the new document root configuration; you should now be able to visit and use the new document root.