Limitations and Important Considerations

  • Please note that Dedicated IP addresses are exclusively available to clients hosted on our UK infrastructure. 
  • Dedicated IP addresses are only available to cPanel hosting services (Shared, Premium or Reseller Hosting)
  • A dedicated IP address is not used for outbound mail, due to the fact that mail is routed through our premium SMTP relay, MailChannels. A dedicated IP address will not improve deliverability. 
  • A single purchased Dedicated IP address cannot be used in between multiple services. However, a dedicated IP address can be allocated to numerous accounts within a single service (for example, a reseller account). 
  • Once a dedicated IP address is purchased, it is not automatically assigned to the accounts. Setting an IP address to any given account is done through the steps outlined below.
  • The dedicated IP address allocated to a 'reseller' account's primary user will be automatically used for newly created cPanel accounts. 
  • IP address changes require backend rebuilds of Apache and a reload of the Apache / Litespeed service - as such, once an IP address is updated, there may be a short period of downtime (usually lasting 15 minutes or less) whilst the background processes complete. 
  • If a domain uses our nameservers or custom nameservers that resolve to our nameserver cluster, then the DNS changes are made automatically. 
  • If you manage your DNS externally (such as Cloudflare), the A record will need to be updated to the new IP address for the domain. 
Important: Changing the IP address of any domain or account will lead to DNS changes being applied, and will therefore require a propagation window of approximately 24 hours. During this time, access to the site may be intermittent, or entirely unavailable

Purchasing a Dedicated IP

You can purchase a Dedicated IP address from our client area by navigating to Services -> View Available Addons


In the dropdown provided, select the 'service' you wish to associate the Dedicated IP address to, then click 'Order Now'. 

Once the IP address has been added to the cart, the pricing will be based on 'pro-rata' invoicing so that future renewals take place on the same billing date as its 'parent' service. 


Select the number of IP addresses required, and continue through the cart. Once this has been done, the IP addresses will be added automatically to a 'pool', available for use. 

Note: The IP addresses are not automatically allocated to an account. An intentional, secondary step is required to allocate an IP address to a related user (see below).

Allocating a Dedicated IP Address

Once you have purchased a dedicated IP address, you will then need to allocate the dedicated IP address to an account or multiple accounts. 

To get started, log in to our client area, then navigate to 'Reseller Tools -> Central Manager'. Once in the interface, you will see something similar to the following...

73fdf7ced12c438bbe9b7b6a848bf8bf48e9ed522953ffcc5b51a621f6a9f120474a1acdd3cff3e3?t=37a9be17c3910b6d8da35a28b59dd532As you can see, you now have a dropdown available against any 'UK cPanel' account. If you have spare IP addresses in your Dedicated IP 'pool' (based on them being purchased using the steps above), they will appear in the dropdown next to the 'IP' section above.  

From here, select the dropdown of the user you wish to update and select the new IP address, as follows...


Once you have selected the new IP address, a notification will display on the screen confirming the changes have been made...


As outlined above, a process follows where Apache / Litespeed configurations are updated automatically - please allow 15 minutes of potential downtime for the changes to complete. 

Setting a 'Primary' or 'Shared' IP Address as a Reseller

If you are a reseller, you may wish for all 'future' accounts created to use a specific dedicated IP address. To do so, you must assign the dedicated IP address to your reseller account's 'primary' user. 

In doing so, any new accounts created within WHM or via the WHMAPI would automatically use the IP address assigned to that primary account. 

If you experience any issues, please get in touch with our 24/7 support team, who would be more than happy to assist. When raising a ticket, please provide screenshots of the errors being received, along with the correlating screenshots of the interface above, so we can best narrow down the issue for you.