The 'Manage Team' feature in cPanel allows account owners to create and manage team users, providing them with the ability to assist in managing domains, email accounts, and databases. This feature is especially useful for businesses or individuals who require multiple users to have access to the cPanel account, while still maintaining control and oversight.


Before you can use the 'Manage Team' feature, ensure that it is enabled on your account. If it is not visible in your cPanel interface, please contact Brixly support or your hosting provider to enable this for you.

Understanding the Manage Team Interface

The 'Manage Team' interface in cPanel consists of several key areas:

  1. Manage Team Account Quota Status: This section displays the total number of team users you can create, as well as the current number of created team users. A team comprises a maximum of seven team users and the team owner.

  2. Create a Team User Interface: This is where you can create a new team user.

  3. List of Team Users: Here, you will find a table listing all the team users associated with your account.

  4. View Audit Log Interface: This section allows team owners to track team user actions that use the API.

Creating a Team User

To create a team user:

  1. Click on 'Create Team User'.
  2. Fill in the necessary information, including basic information, security information, and roles configuration for the account.

For a more detailed guide, you can refer to cPanel's Create a Team User documentation.

Managing Team Users

You can view and manage all team users associated with your account in the 'List of Team Users' section. Here, you can edit user details, suspend or delete team user accounts.

Audit Log

The Audit Log is a crucial feature for tracking the actions of team users. 

For more information, you can refer to cPanel's Audit Log documentation.


The 'Manage Team' feature in cPanel is a powerful tool for account owners who require multiple users to have access to their cPanel account. By following this guide, you should be able to set up and manage team users effectively, ensuring a smoother and more controlled management experience.