At Brixly, we aim to provide a clear and transparent billing process for our clients. This article is designed to explain how payments via PayPal are handled for our services and the differences compared to Credit/Debit card payments.

PayPal Subscriptions vs. Payment Capture

PayPal Subscriptions

When you first pay for a service using PayPal, a subscription is automatically set up. This subscription is a recurring payment agreement that sends a fixed amount on a specific day, based on the recurring term of the service (e.g., monthly or annually).

Key Points:

  • Automatic Payments: Once set up, the subscription automatically sends payments.
  • Client Control: Clients have full control over these subscriptions and must manage them directly within their PayPal accounts.
  • No Capture by Brixly: We do not 'capture' payments when an invoice is raised. We cannot draw funds from your PayPal account without you having set up a subscription or making a manual payment.

Invoicing for PayPal Payments

For services paid via PayPal, we issue an invoice 14 days before the due date. However, we do not capture the payment. Our system waits to receive the payment from the PayPal subscription and then allocates it to the invoice.

Credit/Debit Card Payments

With Credit/Debit card payments, the process is more streamlined:

  • An invoice is raised.
  • We capture the payment a few days before the due date.

Caveats of Using PayPal


  • Early Payments: If you pay an invoice early, before the PayPal subscription date, the subscription will still send funds on the scheduled date, potentially leading to overpayment.
  • Credit Balance: In cases where our system recognizes overpayments, the excess funds are added to your Brixly account's credit balance.
  • Automatic Cancellation: In cases where payments are received via a PayPal subscription, but are not associated to any services, then we will automatically cancel any future payments from the subscription. 

Changing Payment Methods

  • If you switch from PayPal to another payment method, it's crucial to cancel your PayPal subscription to avoid overpayments.

Invoice and Subscription Visibility

  • When viewing an invoice in our client area, you can see if there is an associated PayPal subscription, helping to prevent overpayments.

Service Cancellation

  • If a service is cancelled or terminated, PayPal subscriptions will continue to send payments unless cancelled by you.

Domain Registrations and Renewals

  • The 'auto-renew' flag does not cancel PayPal subscriptions. It only determines if we raise an invoice for renewal.


The nuances of PayPal subscriptions, such as overpayments and the need for manual subscription management, are inherent to PayPal's system, not a limitation of Brixly's billing platform. It's important to understand these aspects to manage your payments effectively and avoid any billing issues.

For any further assistance or clarification, please feel free to contact our sales team.