We wanted to share and explain the advantages of our cPanel 'Live Transfer' process, a seamless method we use for migrating accounts between cPanel servers internally. This process is designed to minimize downtime and ensure a smooth transition for your websites and email services.

Our Migration Center should not be used to move accounts between our own servers. In doing so, the process is carried out via a backup / restore, with no consideration of the points below, and therefore can cause numerous issues during, and after the migration takes place. 

As such, any migrations that are to take place between our own servers, must be reqested through support. 

Advantages of cPanel 'Live Transfer':

  1. Zero Downtime Migration: The 'Live Transfer' process is engineered to ensure that your website remains online and accessible during the entire migration process. There is no need to worry about your site going offline at any point.

  2. Instant DNS Updates: As part of the 'Live Transfer', DNS updates are applied immediately to our nameservers. This means that the moment your account is transferred, the DNS records are updated to point to the new server's IP address. Whilst DNS propagation takes place, there is also a proxy that is put in place between the two servers, as explained below.

  3. Automatic Proxy for Web and Mail Traffic: To avoid any DNS propagation delays, which can sometimes take up to 48 hours, we implement an automatic proxy for both web and mail traffic. This ensures that all visitors and emails are routed to the new server as soon as the transfer is complete, without waiting for DNS updates to propagate across the internet.

  4. Seamless Email Transition: The proxy system also covers mail traffic, ensuring that emails continue to be delivered without interruption. Your email service will start operating from the new server immediately after the transfer, with no action required on your part.

  5. Faster Migration via Rsync: When an account is transferred using the Transfer Tool, only the account 'structure' is backed up / restored rather than the entirety of the home directory. In large accounts, this is beneficial, as the rest of the required home files, such as mail data and website data, are copied automatically via a process called 'rsync'. 

Use Case: E-commerce Website Migration

Imagine you run an e-commerce site that processes hundreds of transactions daily. Any downtime or misrouting of data could lead to lost sales, customer dissatisfaction, and operational chaos. During a typical migration without our 'Live Transfer' process, there's a risk that some customers might still access the old server while DNS changes propagate, potentially placing orders that won't be recorded on the new server.

With our 'Live Transfer' process, the moment your account is migrated to the new server, we immediately update the DNS records to point to the new server's IP address. Simultaneously, we set up an automatic proxy for both web and mail traffic. This means that even if a customer's DNS hasn't updated, the proxy ensures they are directed to the new server instantly.

For your e-commerce site, this translates to:

  • No Lost Transactions: Orders are placed on the new server right after the migration, ensuring no sales are missed.
  • Continuous Email Service: Communication with customers via email remains uninterrupted, as the proxy directs email traffic to the new server without delay.
  • Real-Time Data Accuracy: Inventory and transaction records remain accurate and up-to-date, as all activities are immediately reflected on the new server.

In essence, the 'Live Transfer' process eliminates the risk of orders being placed on the old server after migration and ensures that all emails are sent to and from the correct server during the DNS propagation window. This seamless transition is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your e-commerce operations and providing a consistent experience for your customers.

By utilizing the cPanel 'Live Transfer' process, we ensure that your hosting experience with us is uninterrupted and that your online presence continues without a hitch. If you have any questions or need further clarification on the 'Live Transfer' process, please feel free to reach out to our support team.