When making payment of your invoices, it can become confusing if you have multiple payment methods set up for different services. Each service you purchase from us will have a set payment method, selected when you first purchase.

If you have a particular preferred payment method you wish to use for all invoices, you can set a ‘default’ payment method, which will ensure that all of your invoices are raised through that same payment method. This can be particularly useful if you have a credit / debit card or Direct Debit on file.

To set your default payment method…

  1. Click ‘Your Profile’ in the top-right hand corner of our client area (displayed as a ‘user’ icon)
  2. Click ‘Edit Account Details’
  3. Under ‘Billing Address’, select your preferred payment method from the ‘Payment Method’ dropdown.

By default, the value would be set to ‘Use Default (Set per Order). Simply change this to the preferred payment method, which will do the following…

  • Set all of your services to use the preferred payment method
  • Set all outstanding invoices to the preferred payment method
  • Ensure new invoices are raised through the preferred payment method

    Important: Direct Debit and Credit / Debit Card payments will be captured automatically shortly before the invoice due date.